E-Cell4 util.decorator API

ecell4.util.decorator.get_model(is_netfree=False, without_reset=False, seeds=None, effective=False)

Generate a model with parameters in the global scope, SPECIES_ATTRIBUTES and REACTIONRULES.


is_netfree : bool, optional

Return NetfreeModel if True, and NetworkModel if else. Default is False.

without_reset : bool, optional

Do not reset the global variables after the generation if True. Default is False.

seeds : list, optional

A list of seed Species for expanding the model. If this is not None, generate a NetfreeModel once, and return a NetworkModel, which is an expanded form of that with the given seeds. Default is None.

effective : bool, optional

See NetfreeModel.effective and Netfree.set_effective. Only meaningfull with option is_netfree=True. Default is False


model : NetworkModel, NetfreeModel, or ODENetworkModel


Reset all values, SPECIES_ATTRIBUTES and REACTIONRULES, in the global scope.